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Why you need a Convection Oven

No matter the size of your family, a convection oven should be an essential appliance in your kitchen.  

I haven’t used my kitchen oven in over 2 years. In fact, I haven’t used a broiler/griller, deep fryer or most of my fry pans for that same time.

Round Convection OvenMy round convection oven does it all. 

I also hardly use any oil and just marinade my meat before putting it on the racks to cook.

I have a small family but even large families can use a convection oven to help with the cooking.

This why you need a Convection Oven


  • Time Saver
  • Money Saver
  • Food tastes better
  • Self Contained Unit
  • Healthy
  • Use no or less fat
  • Cooks frozen food
  • Easy to clean
  • Large families can still use them

All of these reasons make it one of my essential kitchen appliances.

Time Saver

It cooks faster, cooks with a timer and you don’t have to stand there watching it to make sure it doesn’t burn.  As a busy mum, I burnt food a number of times because I had been helping my son.  When I was a low-income earner, wasting food because I burnt it was something I just couldn’t afford.

Now with my convection oven, I put the food in and wait for the timer to go off to finish cooking.  

One of my favourite meals is Butter Chicken.  I changed the way I cooked it so it was in the oven, not on the stove.  

Recently I made it on the stove and spent about 45 minutes cooking, stirring, checking and then serving it.  In my convection oven, I just start it cooking, then serve it.  No stirring or checking in between.  That saves me about 30 minutes each time I cook it.

Even if I save just 10 minutes per meal, that’s 365 days  x 10 minutes or 3650 minutes per year.  That’s 2.5 days saved every year.  In fact I think I save about 30 minutes per meal so that’s a week a year saved.

Money Saver

It uses less electricity.  Your big kitchen oven has a lot more space to heat up, then keep hot whilst cooking and then has to cool down.  That’s a lot of energy used up to cook something.  

With your little convection oven, you can cook without heating it up, I do that all the time – hey, I’m busy ! 🙂 )

Food tastes better

That’s my own belief.  I have heated up roast chicken in both the convection oven and my kitchen oven and the kitchen oven dries it out whilst the convection oven keeps it moist.

Any meat I’ve cooked stays moist.  I haven’t had a dried up chicken breast since I started cooking them in my convection oven.  

Self contained unit

If you are ready to cook, it’s ready to go. So many appliances have bits and pieces that get lost, however your convection oven has a base, bowl and cooking unit so just put it all back together after a clean and either leave it on the kitchen bench or put it away in a cupboard.


Your food cooks fast, you don’t need as much or even any oil to cook with so it’s just the food and the seasonings you add to it.  Because you choose what you cook, you control your cooking and keep your food healthy.

Use less or no fat/oil

I know I mentioned that you don’t use fat or oil in the healthy review, but it deserves its own section.

My round convection oven can cook just about anything you have to cook in a deep fryer.

I’ve cooked spring rolls, prawn cutlets, dim sims, battered fish, and chicken nuggets.  

Food is cooked crispy and hot and all without a single drop of oil or the need to heat, cook with or clean a deep fryer.

Cooks Frozen Food

 You can cook frozen food easily.  Take it straight from your freezer into the oven and it will cook in the recommended time or less.  Most ovens have a defrost setting if you want to defrost, then when the time is finished, set it for the cooking stage.  Easy as pie (and I’ve cooked a lot of frozen pies in my time).

 Easy to clean

Once you’ve finished cooking, you can put some water and detergent in and set it on the clean setting and leave it cleaning for 10 minutes or so.  I usually just wait for it to cool, put it in the sink and clean it there and then.  

Recently a friend mentioned she hadn’t cleaned her kitchen oven for a while and it was a big job to get it clean.  I don’t have that problem because I don’t use my kitchen oven and cleaning my convection bowl takes only a minute or two.

Large Families can use a Convection Oven

I’ve got several friends who have large families who say they aren’t big enough for them to do a meal in.  That’s true, I’m not going to deny that.  

However, like any kitchen appliance, they can be used to assist with the cooking or you can use a combination of convection and microwave ovens and still not need your kitchen oven.

When I need to cook a large meal, I do my vegetables in the microwave and cook a large piece of meat in the convection oven.  Whilst the meat is resting, I can spray the mostly cooked vegetables with some oil and put them in the oven to crisp up.  

You could also cook your vegetables on the stove and have the meat in the oven or vice versa.

One friend even is considering buying 2 convection ovens because she finds them so easy to use.

You can also use your convection oven for your family snacks.  I’ve made toasted sandwiches, quick pizzas, nuggets and pies to have as a snack easily and quickly in my convection oven.

So just because you have a large family, it doesn’t mean you can’t use one.

These are the reasons why I believe you need a convection oven.

Did I miss any that you can think of?  Have you got any extra ones?  Let me know below in the comments.

I couldn’t cook in my kitchen without it, can you?

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Talk to you soon

Tania Shipman

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