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Buying a Countertop Convection Oven

Buy your Countertop Convection Oven


Secura Halogen Infrared Turbo Convection Countertop Oven

You need a Countertop Convection Oven.

I have made lots of meals using my oven.  I hardly ever use anything else to cook food with, except a microwave or steamer for vegetables.

It’s quick, healthy and easy to use.  Why would you want to stand next to an oven watching a meal cook when the convection oven can do it all for you?.

Once you start using your own, you will value just how good they are and kick yourself for not getting one earlier.  You can make meals so easily and save so much time.

Convection Ovens are easy to buy locally, through Amazon or from Ebay. Your purchase will depends on your need, price range and requirements.

So what do you look for when buying your Countertop Convection Oven?

Popular Countertop Convection Ovens


First of all – how quickly do you need it.  If you need it now, buy locally if you can find a supplier.  Check on google and find stores that sell it locally.  You usually pay more but you can get it right now.

I’ve had to use that option a few times because my wiring occasionally kills my electrical goods.  It’s safe but old and a power surge can kill my ovens.  When that happens, I need it now and buy locally.

Next best is Amazon.  I recommend Amazon as your best value.  You have a wide variety, can buy additional accessories and anything else you want whilst getting your oven.  There are sales on, free delivery and reduced delivery options so you can really get a great deal with Amazon.

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ

You can also get great deals on Ebay, so don’t forget to check them out.  It’s a bit harder to compare but you can find some great bargains.


Countertop Convection Ovens are prices from $30 – $300 dollars, so the price depends on what you want to spend.  I could easily tell you only the ‘most expensive’ will do, but as you know, I kill my ovens every couple of years, so I usually spend in the $100 range.  For the use I get out of it, having to spend $100 every 2 years is value for me.

I also use a convection oven at work to cook lunches.  I only spent $30 on that one.  It’s not used every day and if it broke or someone took it (it does happen in the workplace), I can afford that loss.

So what’s the right price for you?  It’s what you can afford, simple as that.  I spent more on the one at home, then the one at work, because home gets much more use.

So, what’s the best price?  The price that works for you.

What do you want it to do?


That’s where your need and price meet what a convection oven can do.  This is what I always look for

  • Round Convection Oven
  • Large bowl
  • Multiple racks
  • Extender Ring
  • Self Standing Lid

I also look for the following but they aren’t essential.

  1. Accessories
  2. Recipe Book

It’s really easy to find what you want and then buying your Countertop Convection Oven.  It’s so easy, you can go and do it now!

Let me know what you thought of the post, when you bought your convection oven and what you think of using one.

Tania Shipman

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  • Willach Heaters June 10, 2015, 8:18 pm

    Bought mine from eBay and it does help me a lot. I love to cook and my convection oven sure does wonders!

  • huguetta laine August 20, 2015, 11:53 pm

    Thanks for useful info. Yes, countertop ovens make a convenient addition to my kitchen.
    huguetta laine recently posted..Modern Dining Room Decor Ideas, Pictures and InspirationMy Profile

  • Yoyo October 16, 2015, 2:51 am

    You must agree that toaster oven is much healtier than microwaves.
    Altrough they are less power consumer.

    Also they are made in different styles so its easy to pick for your kitchen.
    Yoyo recently posted..Oster TSSTTVMNDG Oven Deep ReviewMy Profile

  • Roger Lee March 24, 2016, 8:37 pm

    I love this oven. It will cook a whole chicken in one hour. Cooks fish in 20 minutes or less depending on how much. I have made meat loaves in it too. Have yet to roast veggies but will do that. I heat stuff up in it and it is really fast. A bowl or plate of food will be ready (if heating up) in about 5-10 minutes. I don’t use a microwave because I believe they are dangerous, they change the food and make it unsafe. No worries here with this oven it is safe and fast, a great substitute for a microwave in many ways. Plus, you get food browned and crispy if you want it. It is truly cooked like you expect from a real oven. A microwave just destroys food and turns it to rubber. It fits well on my counter top and is fairly easy to clean. For me it has been worth every penny. I eat alot of fish and use it at least 4 or 5 times a week cooking fish, beef or chicken. The first one sent to me was defective but it was easy to send it back and they sent me a new one right away. It works perfectly. I have owned it for about two months now. We will see how long it lasts.
    Roger Lee recently posted..What can you not cook in a Nuwave Oven?My Profile

  • Artisan Kitchens & Countertops June 3, 2016, 12:20 pm

    Wow. I am definitely going share this with a few of my friends. Very cool information.

  • Didie July 5, 2016, 10:43 pm

    You must agree that toaster oven is much healtier than microwaves.
    Altrough they are less power consumer.

  • jacop3c November 20, 2016, 1:55 am

    Wow, nice and awesome oven. I like this very much. Thanks for the shearing. http://www.costaricadreams.com/

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